Dirty Coffee is here to bring you Flash games, comics, articles, funny pictures, and other web content. We recently launched a music section to showcase the audio marvels from our games. Turn up your speakers and hearken in awe.

Formerly Sheepdip, we put our fresh brew through a filter and came out with Dirty Coffee. Take a look around the website. Get into some of our hand-picked games, or check out the gaming articles to see what's good on the web.

About Dirty Coffee

Dirty Coffee is an up-and-coming web development and gaming studio based in Southwest Michigan. We teamed up in 2010 as a web design co-op and started making games for fun on the side. After a few months of constructing web sites, we soon realized that our talents, experience, and personalities were better suited for game development.

Our first official release was also our first foray in developing games in the third dimension. When Kongregate announced the Unity Game Contest in December of 2010, we decided to give it a shot. In under a month, we were able to teach ourselves enough about 3D modeling and C# code to put together a game that we were both proud of. Based on a comic strip of TJ’s, Tanked transports the user into a lavish aquarium full of different types of sea creatures and scenic terrain. From there you must do battle against King Crab and his minions in an effort to bring freedom back to the fish tank.

Our second official release was Photon Zone, a mind-boggling puzzle game that nearly won Kongregate’s weekly game contest when it was released. The game received plenty of good feedback and was highly acclaimed for its color-blind mode. It was also reviewed and praised by AbleGamers.com for this feature.

Look around DirtyCoffee.com. We will be releasing new content weekly such as comics, videos, original music, and of course, more games! We’re constantly thinking of bigger and better ways to bring our ideas to life. Our goal is to provide quality entertainment to those who seek it on the web and beyond.

We’ve been busy! Have a look around at what’s new on DirtyCoffee.com.


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